You Seem to Have Missed Some Admin Stuff

Posted by: soulotomy

You Seem to Have Missed Some Admin Stuff - 11/07/08 04:52 AM

The reply / post / whatever buttons show up in the Feedback forum, so user/group permissions/settings/whatever must be OK, but these buttons don't show up in the threads in the other forums.

Perhaps subforums can inherit settings/perms from a master or higher level config/forum/whatever, but that hasn't been turned on, but the Feedback forum stuff is OK because it is using custom settings (that normally would override any inheritance if it had been turned on).

So hopefully there's an inheritance switch you missed toggling, so that replying, posting, attaching, whatever is turned on for registered users in the other forums?

Other than that, pretty cool. Good job. Nice stuff.

Oh, and thanks for your graciousness, service and excellence,

Posted by: soulotomy

Re: You Seem to Have Missed Some Admin Stuff - 11/07/08 05:11 AM

Yeah, the maximum edit time is pretty minute, too.

Yeah, nice stuff. Nice modern software. Graphical editor. The dropdowns are handy, responsive, precise and unflakey. A breadcrumb is always handy to have. And it's great that it's integrated with your site.

Nice and snappy, too.

Again, thanks,