how about..

Posted by: OSXaddict

how about.. - 05/22/01 02:37 PM

splitting/adding forums? Like the others? or is that not the intentions of this site? (I'm new here obviously so don't know)<br><br>Perhaps a Tech Support section/OS section/General Discussion section/etc. when it gets bigger?<br><br>
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: how about.. - 05/26/01 04:47 AM

well i dunno if Stan is a drinking man, but if he is you should buy him a case of his fave beer and maybe he can fix things for ya... and say, i'm thirsty too... grab a case for me while you're at it! heh heh.<br><br>
Posted by: StanFlack

Re: how about.. - 05/26/01 08:20 AM

Just make sure it is Canadian beer...<br><br>Actually we are going to be adding a lot more forums very soon. I just wanted to make sure everything was working OK before we got too carried away.<br><br>Thanks for the suggestion!<br><br>Stan<br><br>