An Inside Look at MSFT

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An Inside Look at MSFT - 10/10/10 11:02 PM

Well, sort of.... MiniMSFT
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Re: An Inside Look at MSFT - 10/10/10 11:48 PM

Holy Toledo that is the most depressing thing I have ever read.(Except I don't work there.) I kept leaping down hoping to find some happy thoughts and it is all crashing and burning, KIN dying after launch and layoffs after layoffs.

Do a find on Ballmer and it is pathetic. This guy has been writing this for over five years and he has not killed himself? He probably has but Ballmer had it covered up and now a VP is writing it.

Flatline no pulse for ten years and the bright ones jumped ship long ago. How could someone with an actual pulse stay? The rah rah about turning the corner posts are the worst/best.

It would be like working at Chicago Ohare airport but not one plane has taken off in ten years. Really soon now though ...
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Re: An Inside Look at MSFT - 10/11/10 12:09 AM

I think they are desperate and just flailing away these days.

Microsoft falsely claims iPhone app maker backing WP7

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Re: An Inside Look at MSFT - 10/11/10 03:47 AM

After the dismissive reaction to our last quarterly results, we had article after article written about Microsoft's Lost Decade, covering how poorly Mr. Ballmer and The Board have been doing running Microsoft and calls for their dismissal. That's not cool, and if anything, it's draining. Under that context, to see Mr. Ballmer screaming and running around high-fiving a bunch of MBAs riding our two cash cows until the milk's dried up is challenging to your self-motivation.