Windows Workgroup and Shares

Posted by: mactechsj

Windows Workgroup and Shares - 04/09/10 05:17 AM

After following various recipes I am still not able to move my mac to a different workgroup (MSHOME) successfully. It always ends up in WORKGROUP workgroup.

Is there someone who has done this successfully for Mac OsX 10.5.8

I have also changed from DHCP to static IP configuration to avoid problems with host lookups not working but I would prefer to use DHCP.
Posted by: Reboot

Re: Windows Workgroup and Shares - 04/09/10 05:37 AM

If you're using Automatic in Network prefs for the location duplicate the Automatic location, delete the original Automatic, rename Automatic Copy something else if you want.

Now you can edit the workgroup in WINS and it will stick, hopefully.