Ubuntu 7.10

Posted by: maestro

Ubuntu 7.10 - 10/19/07 01:29 PM

If you dont already know, Ubuntus new OS update came out yesterday (officially anyway).  It looks impressive!  I have desperately tried to find a download, but alas all of the servers are busy!  No hurry I guess.  Has anyone been able to get a copy?  As a switcher, I see myself going from Mac OS to Windows to Linux.  Yeah, I know....if Apple made 10.5 open, I would definitely run that.
Posted by: gthicjohn

Re: Ubuntu 7.10 - 10/19/07 04:25 PM

I tried downloading it during the night as an update and it F-ed up my comp so bad i had to do a fresh install of 7.04 and then do the update again I started at 7:35 in the morning and when i got to doing the actual install of 7.10 im getting loads or errors saying such and such pakage is not going to be installed and such and such is not going to be configured and that count is up to 173 the downloading went flawless i dont know why its messing up now! GRAGH!!!!!! Maybe I should try Kubuntu.
Posted by: whitlock

Re: Ubuntu 7.10 - 10/19/07 04:37 PM

Originally Posted By: "gthicjohn "

Maybe I should try Kubuntu.

Your lucky that this is one of those rare times Ubuntu and Kubuntu released at the same time.  I am personally sick of KDE (until 4 is finally out), but we all have our own flavours. 
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Re: Ubuntu 7.10 - 10/19/07 10:13 PM

I am a long time linux user but I much prefer linux on intel machines than PPC. I still use macosx on my iBook.
But you could always download it from bit torrent.
Posted by: macDeviant

Re: Ubuntu 7.10 - 10/19/07 10:46 PM

i was able to download the ISO image. took me about 7 hours to download. i didn't realize yesterday was the release date. that might be why i was having such a hard time finding a reliable mirror to download it.
Posted by: Protocol6v

Re: Ubuntu 7.10 - 10/20/07 02:45 AM

Xubuntu FTW! Has it been released yet?
Posted by: whitlock

Re: Ubuntu 7.10 - 10/20/07 09:38 PM

Originally Posted By: "Protocol6v "

Xubuntu FTW! Has it been released yet?

Yes it has. 

Link:  http://www.xubuntu.org/
Posted by: macDeviant

Re: Ubuntu 7.10 - 10/22/07 08:59 PM

so.... i can't figure out how to get this installed. i have the ISO burned for 7.10 but how do i get my macs to recognize it's an OS? really starting to irratate me. i've looked to the site for help but there is not much about installing it on a mac. i would like to install it on any thing from a beige g3 up to my quad.

Posted by: echebon

Re: Ubuntu 7.10 - 10/23/07 04:46 AM

If its PPC, put the disc into your dvd or cd drive start up holding the "C" key , follow instructions.

Intel, I think you have to use parallels or Boot Camp. I have never installed it on a Intel mac.
Posted by: macDeviant

Re: Ubuntu 7.10 - 10/23/07 05:55 AM

i don't know if i've downloaded the right ISO then. The only download for mac PPC i can find on the site is for Xubuntu 6.04... have they not developed Ubuntu for the PPC yet or something? Really wanting to break into Linux here, and i'm having a hard time.
Posted by: echebon

Re: Ubuntu 7.10 - 10/23/07 11:47 PM

Heres where i downloaded it from: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/daily/current/

scroll down to the PPC version.
Posted by: maestro

Re: Ubuntu 7.10 - 10/24/07 02:06 AM

I was unable to get it to fully install.  Buggy I guess.  I have heard quite a bit on how it really isn't much different than the previous version.  Needless to say, I gave up.  Ill try again when the snow flies.
Posted by: krusher117

Re: Ubuntu 7.10 - 10/25/07 03:11 AM

ive heard really good things about it.  i need to try it out.