Goodbye iTunes

Posted by: maestro

Goodbye iTunes - 09/13/07 02:58 AM

Today I have left iTunes as my only attachment to all things Apple.  Yes, it was sad, well until....I used foobar2000!  Holysh*t!  No, it doesn't have a sexy interface, no it does not connect to my iPods and no it does not make cool visualizations.  BUT, what it does is even better.  It can be configured to play my music (mostly lossless encoding anyway) and bypass all OS fubars completely.  Most people do not realize what their music goes through on its way from the hard drive to the speakers.  I gave it a try using a direct streaming extension running through my HT Omega Striker card and WOW!  I am blown away.  Check it out, your ears will thank you.

By the way, it shows bitrates and my lossless tunes are 1400-1600kbps!

You can find out how to run this app through a great article located here:

:'( Sorry Apple, you had me at hello....but now I have to say goodbye. >:D
Posted by: Protocol6v

Re: Goodbye iTunes - 09/13/07 10:25 AM

How cold can you possibly be? Lol jk...