porting linux to darwin/OSX

Posted by: TCPMeta

porting linux to darwin/OSX - 01/04/06 01:04 AM

Well since my work with my little darwin distro and have ran into problems with having to comiple a lot of source. I have found a simple way that works on a lot of programs on compiling. If you run into problems with you try to run ./configure then you can always try this trick.

I have tryed this on Darwin 7.2.1 and MacOS X Tiger (10.4.3)
If theres two files labeled config.sub and config.guess delete them and open up the term window and login as root via SU or SUDO. and copy the config.sub and config.guess to the directory that has the source you want to compile. Heres a example for Libjpeg-6b

localhost:/jpeg-gb user# rm config.sub &&
<rm config.guess
localhost:/jpeg-gb user# su
password: *****
localhost:/jpeg-gb root# cp /usr/share/libtool/config.sub /jpeg-6b &&
< cp /usr/share/libtool/config.guess /jpeg-6b

Very simple if you ask me.