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Ubuntu - 10/29/05 03:11 PM

Does anyone have experience with Ubuntu? I have it on a CD, and it boots great, but can it be installed on an HFS disk?
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Re:Ubuntu - 10/29/05 03:29 PM

That is a good question. I bet it does not work on a HFS volume since it was built to work on other hardware, though you can mount a HFS drive if you need to. I, personally, would partition the disk into 3 different partitions. One for MacOS, one for Ubuntu, and one for swap. Make the swap UFS and set the swap for your Mac OS and Ubuntu to write to that drive.
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Re:Ubuntu - 10/29/05 08:03 PM

I thought it was just designed to be run from the CD.
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Re:Ubuntu - 10/29/05 08:08 PM

Excuse my stupidity but what is Ubuntu going to give you that OS X doesnt already have?

maybe its just me?

Posted by: JediJoker7169

Re:Ubuntu - 10/29/05 10:39 PM

I don't really know what Ubuntu would have that OS X doesn't already provide, other than more speed. I just thought it would be cool. I've had bad experiences with partitions in the past, though, so I'm a bit reluctant to put my entire boot disk at risk.
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Re:Ubuntu - 10/30/05 10:19 AM

The Ubuntu website has a install distro for PPC. Try using that one. You can install the Live distro but it would take a lot of work. I havn't had much time to play with Linux on a mac, chances are it will make you use a EXT2 or 3 filesystem.

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