VMWare Fusion2

Posted By: DLC

VMWare Fusion2 - 12/24/08 04:19 AM

Anyone tried this ?

Any tips or warnings.

What do you do if you have XP under Boot Camp and want to install Fusion2?

Will the instal make the XP open under Fusion? (instead of Boot Camp?)

Or do I need to remove XP , install Fusion and then reinstall XP ??

ONLY reason I'm doing this is I have a Windows only stock analysis program from TD Ameritrade that I want to try out.

Thanks! wink
Posted By: zwei

Re: VMWare Fusion2 - 12/24/08 07:48 PM

Boot Camp and Fusion are completely separate if you want them to be. Unless you want to use the boot camp partition under fusion that is. Fusion can boot using your Boot camp partition. I used it that way for a long time. I have since reinstalled XP into a Fusion disk image. Up to you which way you want to go.
Posted By: DLC

Re: VMWare Fusion2 - 12/24/08 10:11 PM

Thanks, Zwei !! I just want to keep it simple and I'm not gaming so I don't need light speed, just good compatibility.
Posted By: MacGizmo

Re: VMWare Fusion2 - 12/27/08 04:11 AM

If that's all you need, why not just use VirtualBox? It's free and works extremely well. It doesn't have the bells & whistles of Fusion, but it runs Windows perfectly. I've been using it with Windows XP for several months now with no problems at all.
Posted By: MacGizmo

Re: VMWare Fusion2 - 12/29/08 02:32 AM

Fusion now just $15 at MacMall
Posted By: DLC

Re: VMWare Fusion2 - 12/31/08 12:01 PM

Fusion now just $15 at MacMall

Bummer !! I paid $30 !! blush

I want a refund !! laugh
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