The Mojave Experiment!

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The Mojave Experiment! - 07/30/08 02:24 PM

Even though this is not part of the $300 million ad campaign by MS to get the news out that Vista is just awesome, it's an attempt to 'correct' the public's perception that Vista is terrible. <br>It reminds me a lot of those old 'taste tests' (Coke vs Pepsi).<br>Well, see for yourself! <br><br><br><br><br>[color:blue][/b]Hodie mihi. Cras tibi.</font color=blue>[/b]<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Mike on 07/30/08 07:31 AM (server time).</EM></FONT></P>
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Re: The Mojave Experiment! - 07/30/08 02:37 PM

One was asked if it was a drink, what kind of drink would it be. <br><br>And I just noticed that those videos aren't of individual people...several are of the same person but different scenes. Nice..couldn't get enough people to make that many videos.<br><br>And they talked to 140 people. Average before the demo was 4.4, after was 8.5, still not very high.<br><br><br><br>my photos
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Re: The Mojave Experiment! - 07/30/08 03:57 PM

I'm always baffled by the sheer number of ignorant computer users who are so easily swayed by status quo crap (Windows of ANY flavour)!<br><br>- alec -
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Re: The Mojave Experiment! - 07/30/08 04:48 PM

I laughed out loud seeing the 'testimonial' of the girl on the bottom row (fifth from left)!<br>Definitely not a MacHead!! <br>And, I don't get this: Why wasn't this 'testing' done before Vista was rolled out?<br><br>[color:blue][/b]Hodie mihi. Cras tibi.</font color=blue>[/b]
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Re: The Mojave Experiment! - 07/30/08 04:55 PM

<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>I'm always baffled by the sheer number of ignorant voters who are so easily swayed by status quo crap<p><hr></blockquote><p>FYP<br><br>--<br>[color:red] Kansas Jayhawks -- 2008 National Champions </font color=red>
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Re: The Mojave Experiment! - 07/30/08 04:56 PM

I'm baffled why ANY consumer would buy a Windows machine these days, unless you're talking a cheap POS from Walmart of course.<br><br>Apple retail is doing a great deed by being accessible and friendly. When folks feel they have access to help if needed, they are more likely to take the plunge. Many people were afraid to change from something they know, even if they are aware it's garbage. As more folks switch to Macs, the more will follow. It's less scary if you have a neighbour or co-worker to ask questions about your new machine. Don't forget, the average computer user is normally quite technologically illiterate. <br><br>(forum members are highly computer literate compared to the norm)<br><br>