Bootcamp Users!

Posted by: Mike

Bootcamp Users! - 05/13/08 12:25 AM

I'm using my Windows XP partition (on this Intel iMac) quite often these days<br>to run a 'Grade Book' app which is 'Windows only'. <br>I hear 'SP3' is out and can be DLed. <br>I updated 'Bootcamp' to version 2.1, as suggested by Apple but have NOT installed SP3 yet.<br>Has anyone installed WinXP SP3 already? <br>(I read that there were problems...)<br><br>[color:blue][/b]Hodie mihi. Cras tibi.</font color=blue>[/b]
Posted by: iBookmaster

Re: Bootcamp Users! - 05/13/08 12:42 AM

I haven't. I rarely go into Windows on my Intel Mac Mini and have XP SP2 and all seems fine. Not sure which version of Bootcamp I'm running right now. Yep, you can tell, I don't go to Windows much. <br><br>
Posted by: Reboot

Re: Bootcamp Users! - 05/13/08 02:54 AM

Supposedly 2.1 fixed SP3 things, but if it's not broke don't fix it, huh?<br><br>If that's all you need it for is one app and everything works now it's your call on the benefits vs risks.<br><br>------>#1 - JD's Trivia game<br><br>------>#2 - MM-MCF Trivia game
Posted by: zwei

Re: Bootcamp Users! - 05/13/08 04:56 AM

I have SP3 installed. <br><br>zweisoft<br>
Posted by: Mike

Re: Bootcamp Users! - 05/13/08 09:40 PM

And I guess there weren't any problems?<br>So far, my institution has NOT installed SP3 on any of the 'DellCheapos' we're using. Perhaps they won't do it because all our machines will be hauled off to computer heaven in a couple of weeks.<br><br>[color:blue][/b]Hodie mihi. Cras tibi.</font color=blue>[/b]
Posted by: zwei

Re: Bootcamp Users! - 05/13/08 09:43 PM

Something happened and I couldn't get my iSight to work with it ...then I got to fooling around uninstalling/installing ...etc. <br><br>I ended up just installing it again from scratch and putting SP3 on top of the clean install. I probably should have just let the iSight be. I never use it on the Windoze side anyway. <br><br>All I know is that I had error messages pop up when I installed the bootcamp update ...I'm sure THAT was the issue and not putting SP3 on top of the install. Did you have an error updating your bootcamp?<br><br>zweisoft<br>
Posted by: Mike

Re: Bootcamp Users! - 05/14/08 12:17 AM

No problems with the Bootcamp update. <br>But I have not installed SP3 yet and hesitate to do that after reading those nasty comments on the MS discussion boards...<br><br><br><br>[color:blue][/b]Hodie mihi. Cras tibi.</font color=blue>[/b]
Posted by: carp

Re: Bootcamp Users! - 05/14/08 05:52 AM

So do you suspect that MS will service pack XP to the point it will look like Vista ? it seems to be going that way, which would at this stage not to be a bad idea.<br><br>btw;<br>Service pack 2 - on our work Dells seem to be a great update - now only if Citrix would get their shiit together <br><br>