Virtually Worthless

Posted by: Bryan

Virtually Worthless - 10/19/04 04:34 AM

I guess it serves some useful purpose, but I just had the opportunity to use Virtual PC 7, and I can report that it is still the computing equivalent of swimming in quicksand with a refrigerator strapped to your back. <br><br>Virtual PC 4 in OS 9 on an iMac with half the RAM and 1/4th of the processing power was snappier....<br><br>
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Virtually Worthless - 10/19/04 09:52 AM

If you're in a company environment and can justify a couple of grand (like only the equivalent of about ten copies of VPC anyway) set up a Windows 2000 or 2k3 server (yuk I know, but hear me out) and run MS Terminal Services on it. Then use the free download of the Microsoft Remote Desktop and you have a fully-functioned PC running at the full speed of the Windows server, slowed only by the bandwidth of your LAN. MUCH better and really usable - we have 30 concurrent connections and they all run at full speed. In fact, some older G4s say the PC runs faster than the mac that's hosting it!<br><br>Axel.<br><br>
Posted by: Bryan

Re: Virtually Worthless - 10/19/04 10:39 AM

Right you are...I have used the MS Remote Desktop doesn't have quite the integration that VPC offers, but if I absolutely had to have a PC, that is the route I would take. <br><br>
Posted by: hayesk

Re: Virtually Worthless - 10/19/04 04:44 PM

I"m about to buy a tiny headless PC for just that purpose. One of those tiny Shuttle boxes tucked under my desk and nobody would even notice it. <br><br>
Posted by: Bryan

Re: Virtually Worthless - 10/19/04 06:35 PM

One thing to keep in mind...<br><br>MS Remote Desktop requires XP Pro...Home edition doesn't work with it. <br><br>
Posted by: hayesk

Re: Virtually Worthless - 10/25/04 03:18 PM

Thanks for the tip. Of course, I wonder if the price difference between XP Home and XP Pro is appraoaching the price of Timbuktu Pro?<br><br><br>
Posted by: Bryan

Re: Virtually Worthless - 10/25/04 05:55 PM

I think if you get XP Pro bundled with a machine, the price difference is not too bad. <br><br>The retail boxed full version pricing is Home at $200 and Pro at $300. <br><br>