Wallstreet PB Blues

Posted by: yoyo52

Wallstreet PB Blues - 11/18/03 03:08 AM

My wife has been using my old Wallstreet PB for a couple of years, running 9.2.1, with few problems. Recently, though, she's been having odd freezes of all sorts of apps, including the Finder. The computer just stops for a while--sometimes a very long while, so she has to do a reset. I've done the following: clean install (moved over some of the extensions from the previous system folder, so that might be a problem), rebuilt the desktop, ran DiskWarrior, defragmented the HD. It's still doing it. Tonight I ran TechToolsPro's harware tests, and for what that's worth, it showed that the hardware is OK.<br><br>Tonight I did remove the extension and control panel that seemed to me most likely to cause trouble (the MS Office menu bar doohickey--forget what it's called cause I haven't used OS 9 for so long). I'll see if that solves the issues before I wipe and reinstall. Before I do that I wonder if there's anything I'm missing. Besides zapping the pram, which I just thought of right this minute. Do you think that might be the issue?<br><br> Alas, poor Yorick. -- Hamlet
Posted by: Trog

Re: Wallstreet PB Blues - 11/18/03 03:27 AM

First of all let me say I don't have an answer for you Yoyo But, my wife has also been using my old Wallstreet for a few years without a problem and it now is showing some similar problems to what you described. However (and its a big however) she is running 10.2 (310MB RAM) rather than OS9.<br><br>Her symptoms are a modest increase in application crashes but a HUGE decrease in speed and reliability. For example, iTunes literally sucks the will of this Powerbook to live. If she runs iTunes for a couple hours (no other apps open) the computer is literally unuseable. It can take MINUTES for an application to open OR close. Sometimes she can't even restart the computer (just beachball forever), and I mean CAN'T. Even the three finger salute doesn't work! I've never even heard of such a problem!<br><br>I've completely wiped the disk and loaded only the necessary apps and Apple defaults. No change. Importantly, (I think) if she logs out and back in once or twice a day things are ok. Now doesn't that sound like a memory leak or related issue?<br><br>So, yoyo, I wonder if, by coincidence, this isn't a case of corrupt RAM for both our Wallstreets??? Hopefully someone here can say yea or nay, because the Apple boards for Wallstreets are pretty much deserted these days <br><br>
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Re: Wallstreet PB Blues - 11/18/03 03:39 AM

Yeah, I thought of the RAM as a problem too, which is why I ran the TTP hardware tests. I guess I'm not sure that those tests would really show a RAM module problem, though.<br><br> Alas, poor Yorick. -- Hamlet
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Re: Wallstreet PB Blues - 11/28/03 03:28 AM

Try running RAMometer for an hour or so, that usually does a superior job to catching faulty RAM than TTPro.<br><br>
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Re: Wallstreet PB Blues - 11/28/03 03:39 AM

Is that software? Did a search at VT and found nothing.<br><br> My name is yoyo. Nice to meet you.