Need suggestions for LC lll's

Posted by: adot

Need suggestions for LC lll's - 05/31/01 12:46 AM

Cleaning up around the buildings and found 10 complete LC lll's, two LC 520's and 3 LC 5200 / 75's. All have 10 BaseT network cards and the five LC lll's I checked boot fine with the addition of a battery. Management wants me to dispose of all this equipment ie, send them to a hazordous waste landfill. I thought I check the think tank on the forum for suggestions as to what to do with this equipment. My idea's where to bring them home and try to sell the lot on ebay, but the wife said I would be sleeping in storage with the rest of my old equipment if I bring these computers home. Another thought was to donate them to a private school or some other organization. I just hate to see this equipment end up in a dump. <br><br>Adot<br><br>
Posted by: johnengler

Re: Need suggestions for LC lll's - 05/31/01 01:17 AM

adot,<br><br>Do me, and the rest of the community a favor, visit and ask Carol about the Mac Donation Program that she's running.<br><br>She is always looking to help schools, churches, etc... find Macs to use.<br><br>I remember my Junior and Senior years in college, trying to scrape by on a LCIII and I know that those machines are great workhorses....<br><br>Drop Carol a line, and she'll help you find a home for those poor Macs, and your company can get a great write off too...<br><br>John<br><br>***<br>"The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left." <br> -- Ecclesiastes 10:2
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Re: Need suggestions for LC lll's - 05/31/01 01:43 AM

Well I don't know about were you live but here in Seattle there is Homeless Newspaper call "RealChange" from what i have understand the paper runs mostly on donations (i donated my old 8100 last year). There is also a company that takes i can't remember the name of it, they take computers and general tech donations, then they fix them up and send them off to schools in thrid world countires. I would just hate to a good mac end up in the junk heap.<br><br>Oni<br><br>this is my signature do you like it?