Fear and Terror Headed Off at the Pass

Posted by: yoyo52

Fear and Terror Headed Off at the Pass - 04/29/02 02:55 AM

We had a thunderstorm tonight, and as usual, I shut down all the computers in the house. I didn't unplug the ethernet ports, however, nor did I unplug the DSL modem.<br><br>Well, after the thing was done, I turned on my G4. Everything was fine and dandy. Then I tried to get on line--nothing doing. I noticed then that the LCD display on my ethernet hub didn't show the G4. I looked in the Network Pane, and all my settings had been erased. Not that big a deal to retype them, but it didn't look good for the home team.<br><br>Anyway, I turned on the iMac--and that came up on the ethernet hub. But it wouldn't connect to the web either.<br><br>I then rebooted the G4 into 9 (the first time in months), but the hub showed no connection again.<br><br>I began to despair.<br><br>So then I shut down all the computers and disconnected everything, unplugged every single ethernet cable, from computers to hub, from hub to router, from DSL modem to router. And went out to walk the dog.<br><br>I came back (sooner than I normally would, poor pooch!), plugged all the ethernet cables back in and turned on the G4. Mercifully, the hub showed it connecting. I turned on the iMac. That too still connected to the hub. The PB and the iBook I can't get at cause wife and son are asleep. But as you can see, I'm now back on line.<br><br>The only thing I can figure is that the storm must have sent a surge through the ethernet cables, or through the modem. We did have a little bit of flickering electricity for a second or two. Anyway, I can't believe how lucky I am.<br><br>I tell you, I was feeling very very sick as I walked the dog. Next time we have a storn, though, everything, but everything gets disconnected, unplugged, put back in packing boxes. Well, maybe not put back in the boxes <br><br>And that's true too.--Shakespeare, King Lear
Posted by: johnengler

Re: Fear and Terror Headed Off at the Pass - 04/29/02 12:47 PM

yeah, I've fried a hub or two in my day by not taking the time to unplug the ethernet cables... sheesh... you think they'd build one big ass surge protector I can place outside the house between the power in line and my house...<br><br><br>"Ambition is so powerful a passion in the human breast, that however high we reach, we are never satisfied."<br>-- Niccolo Machiavelli<br>
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Re: Fear and Terror Headed Off at the Pass - 04/30/02 06:04 PM

back in october, our house was hit by lightening and burned some siding off as well as ripping up the gutters and some of the roof that hung over the side of the house. quite a mess, but the hard rain put the fire out very quickly.<br><br>well, my computers were all fine because i used surge protectors, but just like you...i got it good via the cable modem and the ethernet ports. i lost my logic boards in 3 computers connected to the cable router (no data lost, but had to give up the computers for a day or 2). i also lost the router. i had a zip drive not plugged into the surge protector and lost it, too. a bunch of outlets, light switches, and stuff were burned black and rendered useless. lost the garage door opener, something in the furnace, lights, clothes dryer, all 4 TVs, etc.<br><br>i bought quality surge protectors and a surge protector that also has a surge protector where you plug the cable for the cable modem in prior to connecting it to the modem. i am ready now.<br><br>the funny thing was that the lightening hit upstairs about 10 feet from my head and i slept right through it. we had neighbors blocks away who were awakened by the loud thunder that accompanied the strike. i guess young kids cause us to value our sleep, eh?<br><br>[color:blue] -sean</font color=blue>