Gotta brag on Epson

Posted by: steveg

Gotta brag on Epson - 01/11/14 12:24 PM

I bought my Work Force 7520 last June, and yesterday I finally had to replace the ink carts (I use the extra high capacity carts). If I factor duplexing, average page coverage, letter and wide format sheet sizes, periods during which I don't print anything… It averages out to roughly an eyelash over 7 pages/day, or 1500 pages total to date. That's not huge, but it's far more than typical household or even small office use. And it's 150% of what Epson states as average yield for these particular ink carts.

Have never once had a clogged print head or any problematic output, and I only ran the utility to clean and align yesterday because I replaced all four carts at once. Plus, unlike the various HPs I've had over the past 5 or 6 years, the Epson has never once dropped the network or AirPrint connections.

If you're looking for a bullet-proof wide format MFC with very fast, vibrant business output (not a photo printer, through), this puppy is IT! cool
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Re: Gotta brag on Epson - 01/12/14 02:49 PM

It's no coincidence that Epson and Evil start with an E. EVIL!!!
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Re: Gotta brag on Epson - 01/12/14 03:31 PM

Well, I guess I'm seeing it backwards: LIVE!!! smirk

And I can tell you that their tech and customer support is much improved from several years ago. On the two occasions where I needed help from a tech, both were quick and successful. Plus, I ordered the new ink carts through the Epson store because they were a bit less than Staples and Office Depot and shipping is free. But the day after I placed the order, I got an email offer for 15% off ink. So I called and the CSR applied the discount to my order on the spot.

Yeah, that's so EVIL! eek
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Re: Gotta brag on Epson - 02/16/14 03:47 PM

Still in awe of this printer! Though this machine will auto-duplex legal or smaller, wide format (11 x 17 or 13 x 19) requires manual duplexing. Such was the case with the HP models that I've had in the past. But with those printers, the imposition from side 1 to side 2 was always off by almost a quarter inch on the Y axis, which forced me to finagle the file to get proper front to back registration. Major PIA.

This morning was the first time I've needed wide format duplexing, and damn if the Epson doesn't align both sides dead on the money! LOOOOOOOVE!!!!grin
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Re: Gotta brag on Epson - 02/18/14 11:52 AM

I've watched you go from Epson lover.. to hater.. and then back into her arms yet again. laugh
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Re: Gotta brag on Epson - 02/18/14 12:31 PM

Because IMHO, Epson has gone from a good product to POS back to quality — at least as far as the WF series is concerned. I was always happy w/HP and Brother in the interim, and HP has excellent customer service/support. But now, one Workforce is doing everything I previously needed three printers for — and it's doing it without a single hiccup. What's not to like? wink