Setting up my daughter's Mac Mini

Posted by: KateSorensen

Setting up my daughter's Mac Mini - 11/30/13 11:07 PM


It did not turn out to be simple of a short process. Her iPhoto was totally screwed up. Had to research a lot of stuff, rebuild it and muck around with other old stuff on their 2003 cheese grater Macintosh.

When it got down to the wire, the tech did the migration thing with cable and then success. He also set up their wifi bridge in another part of the house enabling setting up their Smart TV. I had got them an AppleTV. But they liked what the Samsung TV came with and went with that instead of AppleTV [which I inherited.]

The IT guy gave them a compatible monitor. He said they had a whole lot of monitors and computers sitting in the hall waiting to go to our local recycle station. A couple of lampshade/boob iMacs like my door stopper, among others. His charge was dirt cheap but he said he wasn't looking to get rich and loves helping people.

Glad all this stuff is behind us now.