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AppleTV - 11/30/13 10:41 PM


Wish someone had told me a long time ago how really neat AppleTV is. I installed the critter myself [now you know that it has to be simple and easy if Ethel can do it] and experimented with several things. Ended up on PBS and watched a two hour special on Carol Burnett receiving the Mark Twain award. Laughed my sides off.

Have to watch the local Wildcat football game before I can investigate some more. Fourth quarter and we are ahead 24 Tigers 21.

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Re: AppleTV - 11/30/13 10:46 PM

Use your iPhone and view the photos on your iPhone on your tv now. And the videos too.
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Re: AppleTV - 11/30/13 11:08 PM


Yes, that will be fun. Thanks.

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Re: AppleTV - 12/01/13 02:58 AM

I love my AppleTV. There are a lot of shows available on it that we couldn't get otherwise. If it weren't that we depend on cable for localness, I could easily see getting rid of cable.
Posted by: garyW

Re: AppleTV - 12/12/13 06:26 PM

I love my AppleTV too.

I hate my streaming Netflix movie options which seem to be 99.9% garbage. I've already watched the .1% of good stuff and get more and more annoyed that "New Releases" consists of more and more old throwaways dug from the same heap.

I tried Hulu+ for a week free trial and quickly realized that the idea of paying for all those endless commerial breaks is just not going to be a good thing.

Posted by: yoyo52

Re: AppleTV - 12/12/13 10:45 PM

I agree about the Netflix streaming. I don't see why they can't stream the entire catalog. Well, probably the copyright holders don't allow it. Still--stupid.

The TV shows on Netflix are ok, though. I've found several that I never heard of before but like a lot.

The Smithsonian Channel of AppleTV is also neat.