iPad stolen

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iPad stolen - 02/22/13 05:00 PM


Not mine wink but when others have iPhone, iPad, or other devices stolen, I just read this:

Every time an Apple device is stolen, detectives attempt to get tracking numbers from the victim or online records.

That number, known as the International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, is then shared with the officers in Police Headquarters who pass it on to Apple.

The California-based company then informs the NYPD of the deviceís current location ó and it can track it even if it was reregistered with a different wireless provider.

So, if mine is nabbed, where do I find my tracking numbers?

Read about it here -- click

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Re: iPad stolen - 02/22/13 10:24 PM

Good find! (pun intended)


Many of the confiscated devices are bought on the second-hand market by people who donít know they were stolen.

Even in those cases, the police may confiscate the device to return it to the original owner, sources said.

If that doesn't put you off of buying a used one I don't know what will.
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Or if going to buy a used one, get that tracking number [still don't know where it is or how to find it] then find out if it is stolen.

I just googled and found this:

Tips for recovering lost or stolen Apple device

Just remembered. My grandson goes to Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon [PU] and had his Apple laptop stolen. They did the police report and their homeowners insurance bought him a new laptop. Many months later, he got a call from the police saying his laptop had been found as someone tried to pawn it.

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Re: iPad stolen - 03/06/13 01:48 AM

It seems to me that a tracking & serial number are one & the same.
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Re: iPad stolen - 03/06/13 04:10 AM

I think you're correct. After reading everything, it just seemed that way to me too.