WTF Apple????

Posted by: NucleusG4

WTF Apple???? - 06/15/12 06:38 PM

I have been waiting forever for a new MP to come out.. with TB and USB 3 and better this and goody that and yum yum and maybe even a new look/design/form factor.
TB so I can finally break down and buy a new expensive display.

So they release this tepid, half ass "new" model using parts that are 2-3 years old... no USB 3 or TB.


So then there's this...hmmph! Small comfort.,1504770.story

I know a lot of people have iMacs and I did buy one last year, a 27". But the graphics in it lags. The graphics lag behind my MP graphic card which is 3 years old (at least).
Running my capture software last Sat shooting a model shoot I started getting lag. Afterwards while the client and i were making our picks... the previews wouldn't refresh and were sluggish to the point of dragging down the whole app.
I took the shoot home on a drive and it ran smooth as silk on my 3 yr old MP.

What to do... what to do......
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Re: WTF Apple???? - 06/15/12 08:30 PM

You got 16G of RAM if I remember right, didn't you?

Which capture software? Are there any settings in its preferences for performance, allocating more RAM, GPU settings etc?

As far as what to do, It took them two years to upgrade the last one. If you can't tweak the capture software on the iMac do you want to wait a year or two again?
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Re: WTF Apple???? - 06/15/12 09:10 PM

I have to wait.. I can't buy that POS that put out... I mean it's not really a POS... but it's not really any better than what I have.
Yes, 16 GB ram.. it's a vid issue.