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WTF? - 12/18/09 04:15 PM

My Mac just spontaneously rebooted without any input from me (I was across the room). Recovered files in the Trash point to RealPlayer/Downloader. System log only reports "Shutdown detected." There are a lot of out of sync messages during/after the restart. Also, it states that network configuration changed. There is nothing in the crash logs that would reference the reboot. When will I get the time to run DW and TTPro?
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Re: WTF? - 12/18/09 04:27 PM

Ahh, the mysterious reboot.

Can you post the lines form the Console just before the Shutdown, say from the few minutes or so before.

After probably doesn't matter but post the startup log entries too. I'll look them over later today.

I doubt DW or anything like that would matter in this case.

I was thinking heat but that would just shut you down, not reboot.
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Re: WTF? - 12/18/09 04:45 PM

I just had my TV come on suddenly. Couldn't figure out what happened . . . then noticed that I was sitting on the remote. Wonderful what a butt cheek can do!
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Re: WTF? - 12/18/09 04:49 PM

See PM.
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Re: WTF? - 12/18/09 05:04 PM

Can't see anything obvious in the log from a quick look, logging just stops.

Do you have Energy Saver set to Restart after a power failure? I'm thinking a power blink on your incoming, or the power supply on the mini shut itself down. I figure you have a battery backup though being in lightning land. I had a battery backup go bad that would just blink off for a second.
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Re: WTF? - 12/18/09 05:08 PM

No power interruption that I noticed - no "click" from the UPS. I just heard the startup tone from across the room.
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Re: WTF? - 12/18/09 05:15 PM

Energy Saver settings?
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Re: WTF? - 12/18/09 05:18 PM

There's 6 minutes before the reboot that nothing was logged. Nothing was really going on at that point.
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Re: WTF? - 12/18/09 05:19 PM

As Spock would say, "Interesting." smirk
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Re: WTF? - 12/18/09 09:47 PM

"It appears... to be a spontaneous anomaly Captain.
Similar to the one reported on Gamma Tauri IV ...83 years ago today."