future of macbook pros

Posted by: iBookdude458

future of macbook pros - 04/05/09 08:25 PM

Hey guys,

I did not end up getting my macbook pro yet because its harder to get large student loans in todays economy so I will be working over the summer in order to raise funds for a 17" Macbook Pro.

I am wondering what upgrades we will see over the time it takes for me to raise funds.

Core i7 processors?

Nvidia GTX 295 GPU?

more than 8 gigs of ram?

solidstate 1 terabyte HD?

blu-ray support?
Posted by: legomactrumpet

Re: future of macbook pros - 04/06/09 01:12 AM

Quick answers:

1. Maybe after some time of developing, the i7's are still pretty new in the game

2. I hope my butt off for this

3. Thats a good possibility, they have 16GB in single flash drives now, real cheap too (yeah, i know there's a difference between FD and ram)

4. way greater possibility, little compact flash cards can hold 32GB now so imagine what what they can do on a bigger scale
for now i can settle with this http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-9982978-1.html

5. Steve has all ready decided, http://www.engadget.com/2008/10/14/live-from-apples-spotlight-turns-to-notebooks-event/ for now. (scroll to 10:55 AM), but he might change his mind.
Hey, 25GB on one disc
Posted by: Oelmuvun

Re: future of macbook pros - 04/08/09 05:32 AM

I would doubt that Apple would use an i7 in a portable. It is akin to the LGA771 CPUs and meant for use in workstations, render/crunching farms and enthusiasts.

You would be more likely to see an i5 or lower.