2006 macbook deal

Posted by: iBookdude458

2006 macbook deal - 03/28/09 03:27 AM

My friend is selling her original macbook for $ 400
should I take the deal?

it has some top case cracks but that is a cheap and easy fix.

Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: 2006 macbook deal - 03/28/09 04:31 PM

The top cases are covered if its the edges which are cracked and there is no other sign of abuse. Even out of warranty. Sounds like a very good deal to me. Of course, then you'd have to change your name to MacBookdude458....... wink
Posted by: iBookdude458

Re: 2006 macbook deal - 03/30/09 02:46 PM

its actually for my brother, I'm getting a Macbook Pro 17 inch after apple puts the intel Core i7 in them!

as for the 2006 Macbook I'm gonna look at it this week. so you say apple will fix the case flaws even though its out of warranty?

From what I'm told it was well taken care but the case was cracking due to design flaws.