Keyboard partially stopped working

Posted by: 987687

Keyboard partially stopped working - 03/19/09 11:13 PM

I have a first generation 2.0GHz core duo macbook.
It has been working fine, until suddenly for no reason some of the keys stopped working. The keys that don't work are a, s, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, and option.
They will start working with some banging on the keyboard, and then stop working after about 30 seconds. I have tried resetting the SMC to no avail. :-/

What could be causing this, loose keyboard connector?
Posted by: TonimusMaximus

Re: Keyboard partially stopped working - 03/19/09 11:32 PM

The keyboard uses a USB protocol to communicate with the computer. I don't imagine that a loose connector would cause only those to fail. The nature of the connector doesn't lend itself to that kind of behavior either. I suspect a pinched ribbon cable or a worn out solder job. It would probably be easiest to replace the top case.
Posted by: 987687

Re: Keyboard partially stopped working - 03/20/09 12:02 AM

GRrrrr, oh well. I really can't afford a new top case right now, so I may as well try to fix it. If I can't get it working I need to fix my ibook G3 because I know exactly what is wrong with it.

Thanks for the info, wish my luck LOL. I have fixed many PC laptop keyboards, so hopefully I can revive this one as well.