Kernel Panic and Web Browsers crashing

Posted by: TonimusMaximus

Kernel Panic and Web Browsers crashing - 02/16/09 04:15 AM

I normally leave my MacBook on for days on end. I know I should reboot occasionally, but I do it maybe every other week. One day I my MB wouldn't wake. The status light was on full brightness and the screen was off, but nothing would bring the screen back up. Not space bar, not mouse movement, not enter, not escape, not a single press of the power button. So I had to reset it and it worked ok for a couple of days. Then I got the infamous kernel panic.

Then Firefox and Safari began crashing. First every couple of hours, then it became more frequent. Soon, I couldn't even launch Firefox or Safari without it crashing. Even starting Firefox in "Safe Mode" would crash. I dug out my OSX DVD and booted off of it and repaired the disk and the permissions about 3 times each, just to make sure it didn't miss anything. Now, I appear to be all good. I couldn't find anything on the net tying these two issues together, but there it is.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: Kernel Panic and Web Browsers crashing - 02/16/09 10:14 PM

My MacBook does that every now and again. You just have to make sure when you close the lid that it is actually sleeping before you throw it in a bag. Otherwise they cook themselves.