EFI Motherboards

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EFI Motherboards - 09/09/07 07:38 PM

Hey Guys can you tell where i can find a wide range of EFI motherboards cause i cant find any
Posted by: iBookdude458

Re: EFI Motherboards - 09/14/07 04:54 PM

hey guys come on
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Re: EFI Motherboards - 09/18/07 12:57 AM

Theres two types of EFI. Theres Apples and theres Intel's EFI now known as UEFI. Dell uses the UEFI in some systems and some other 3rd parties also use UEFI (Mostly found in dual BIOS systems). It's just Intel's UEFI has the old BIOS ontop of the EFI for legacy hardware compatibility.
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Re: EFI Motherboards - 09/18/07 07:00 AM

I think the problem is that people aren't listing EFI as a particularly valuble feature. I found a couple of links but they were dead.