Wow, that Mac is hot!

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Wow, that Mac is hot! - 03/07/07 01:43 AM

Im surprised G5s dont incinerate themselves.  I wouldnt believe it if it wasnt from Apple.  Check this
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Re: Wow, that Mac is hot! - 03/07/07 02:31 AM

Yeah, that's pretty crazy. I know a lot of people are still sensitive about it, but the switch to Intel was not only a good move, but a necessary move.
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Re: Wow, that Mac is hot! - 03/07/07 03:33 AM

120w isnt that bad I guess when put into perspective. While back I was at a friends house, a circuit shorted, and after resetting it we looked around the room to find the item with the highest power consumption. All the consoles were under 200 around 150w if I can remember (PS3, Wii, and 360), the HDTV at 160, But the tiny space heater, 1500w's!!!!
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Re: Wow, that Mac is hot! - 03/07/07 04:41 AM

o yea, I have the first dual 2.0 G5 that came out (the hottest version).  Well, this thing makes my room a good 5 degrees warmer than the rest of the house!  Its insane.  I can't wait to upgrade to the Mac Pro, no more heater for the summer!
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Re: Wow, that Mac is hot! - 03/07/07 09:22 AM

The G5 Quad has a 1KW PSU.
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Re: Wow, that Mac is hot! - 03/07/07 03:38 PM

my office gets a little toasty too. with my Quad, MacMini, TV, 21" CRT, ALbook (which i swear puts off as much heat as my quad,) Smurf, and Cube. and tons of stereo junk. i ought to add it all up and findout my wattage per hour laugh
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Re: Wow, that Mac is hot! - 03/07/07 10:18 PM

My computer room is a nice 66*F 24/7 with a window AC unit. The hotest system I have in my room is my gaming PC. Inside the case is 98*F not counting the CPU since it is water cooled. right not the CPU is 67.8*F. I got a 900watt PSU in the system.
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Re: Wow, that Mac is hot! - 03/08/07 01:58 PM

Watt usage is different than cpu described heat wattage.  But using 120W at idle in heat is crazy.  I had a dual 2.0 G5 and as quiet as it was never noticed that it was soooo hot.  No other cpus run that hot and most if they do are only that hot when at full tilt.  Pretty interesting.  When IBM said the Power4+ and Power5s ran hot they were not kidding.  No wonder they never used them in laptops.  The new intels (I have a C2D in a new PC build) are as fast, faster, and sip the juice with very little heat waste.  How amazing that is can really be put into perspective now.
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Re: Wow, that Mac is hot! - 03/09/07 12:33 PM

[censored] freezing in the server room though), and our office is on the top floor, right beneath the chillers, so it actually gets chilly in there. I keep a sweatshirt at work all summer long for while I'm in the office.
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Re: Wow, that Mac is hot! - 04/15/07 08:59 PM

Seems this thread has garnered a lot of attention.  I just wanted to say that the PPC970 series is one hella good cpu, yeah, it runs hot, but it can still outpace some of the markets fastest processors in some situations.