Logitech X-230 spkrs

Posted by: zenstate

Logitech X-230 spkrs - 04/09/05 09:42 PM

today I decided its finally time for some new comp. spkrs. I went to my local future shop here in vancouver and settled on a 3pc set from logitech. only 50$ (down from 80$) cdn and the sound is just amazing. I have owned a 3pc aiwa that cost 120 and it didn't sound close to this set. clean bass, smooth mid and sharp highs. all I can say is wow!!!

for the money you cannot go wrong.
check them out: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products/details/CA/EN,CRID=2173,CONTENTID=9066
Posted by: KnifeLord

Re:Logitech X-230 spkrs - 04/09/05 11:20 PM

Hey again,
Any chance they made a dolby surroundsound version of that? I bought a Kenwood KR-V7050 at auction for 35 bucks (I was there for wood planes but come on a surround sound system?!? 35 bucks COME ON there 79.99 from ztrading Post, and are [acording to them] 499.99 new.)

Posted by: zenstate

Re:Logitech X-230 spkrs - 04/10/05 03:44 AM

its pretty much an entry level product and there are a few models above it so i'm sure one of them has what you want. it would have to be a 4:1 set at leat to be surround though right? they have up to a 7:1 I think. look on their site.
Posted by: dead13

Re:Logitech X-230 spkrs - 04/10/05 10:03 AM

i have the logitech z3 set hooked up to my surround sound in my apartment and i love them logitech has definitely come a long way and offer great speakers for the price.
Posted by: KnifeLord

Re:Logitech X-230 spkrs - 04/10/05 10:54 AM

nice where did you get them?

Posted by: krusher117

Re:Logitech X-230 spkrs - 04/10/05 02:37 PM

I have the logitech Z-3 too GOt them from buy.com andI think they were only $40. Not a bad deal for some great sounding speakers. Its a 2.1 setup because of my desk space, but it sounds incredible. I'd recommend Logitech speakers to anyone looking for something cheaper than Klipch.
Posted by: dead13

Re:Logitech X-230 spkrs - 04/10/05 10:00 PM

i got miine from best buy here in town and i still only paid like 45 bucks for them mine are the 2.1 also they are woodgrainn and silver very stylish and great sounding