My new iBook

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My new iBook - 12/03/01 07:13 PM

Two issues:<br>First:<br>when this thing freezes, and I have to hit the restart button by the headphone jack, why does my clock loose it's mind? It's as if I zapped the pram, and other mac's don't do this for a simple restart.<br>Second:<br>I have a brand new Lexmark Z32, and a brand new iBook 600Mhz running 9.2. They won't play nice! Lexmark put out a new driver, but for osX only. Ideas?<br><br>
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Re: My new iBook - 12/03/01 11:18 PM

Re: First: Just resett it with control-command-power. That's it!<br><br>--------------------------<br>John Bailey ([color:red]Bdog</font color=red>)<br><br>Email Me! --->
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Re: My new iBook - 12/17/01 10:52 PM

The button on the side is not supposed to be a restart button, it's for resetting the Power Manager which is why your clock resets. <br><br>For the Lexmark, you didn't say what the problem was exactly, so I'm going to assume you're getting the 'Cartridge not installed' error. In that case.............<br><br>Open the Lexmark Control Panel.<br>For the color cartridge, click on the radio button near No Cartridge, then reselect the radio button near New Cartridge. [This procedure was done for the black cartridge as well...just in case.] Click OK. An alignment page will print. After alignment, the user will have the option of printing a test page.<br><br><br>