PowerBook G4 667 and external monitor

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PowerBook G4 667 and external monitor - 11/19/01 12:41 PM

If I connect an external monitor to my PowerBook G4 667 (as per the manual) everything works ok until I minimize a window, the Window Manager then jumps up to 95%+ CPU usage and the machine slows to an impossible crawl from then on.<br><br>If I avoid minimizing then everything works fine. Without the external the PowerBook runs fine.<br><br>I have tried the following with no difference....<br>Different monitors<br>Set different resolutions on the external<br>Change the minimize effect from Genie to Scale<br>Update to 10.1.1<br><br>Is anyone successfully running a new "Gigabit Ethernet" PowerBook G4 with an external monitor?<br><br>
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Re: PowerBook G4 667 and external monitor - 11/20/01 07:04 AM

Mine's the original G4 500. No problem with external monitor.<br><br>I'm betting that if you call Apple tech support they'll tell you to format drive and reinstall the OS. Painful.<br><br>I'd bet it's (50-50) bad (or damaged) OS software or bad port on your new PB. If latter they won't let you return for repairs until former is eliminated.<br><br>Bad OS install on a brand new Mac not possible? Been there and done that. :(<br><br>No win either way.<br><br>Good luck.<br><br>