Gold Compact Discs

Posted by: Jashue

Gold Compact Discs - 09/27/08 06:09 PM

Does anyone remember them?<br><br>I seem to remember the music industry marketing 24 karat gold limited edition CDs. I never did figure out if or why they were supposedly superior to the regular CDs and at the time I just figured that they were geared toward fools that needed to be parted from their money. I could have been wrong about that though.<br><br>Did anyone here ever buy one? Does anyone remember the supposed advantage? I did a little googling, but i couldn't find an answer.<br><br>
Posted by: carp

Re: Gold Compact Discs - 09/27/08 07:14 PM

Hummm<br><br>I remember they would make Gold Master CDs from which all copies were made from ? There were or still is Silver back CDs something about its better for the laser to read but I guess today it does not matter what the backing is.<br><br>
Posted by: NucleusG4

Re: Gold Compact Discs - 09/27/08 10:25 PM

I bought one.. a Yes cd. Can't say that it sounded any better... but then, according to Wiki, it's about the remastering process... and not the gold,<br><br>A gold CD is one in which gold is used in place of the super purity aluminium commonly used as the reflective coating on ordinary CDs.<br>The gold coats more evenly and reacts with oxygen slower, thus reducing CD rot and providing greater longevity.<br>The high fidelity usually associated with gold CDs is actually a result of the remastering process and not of the gold coating itself. Gold CDs can be played in any CD player<br><br>[image][/image]