24mm film scanner recommendations?

Posted by: Reukeboom

24mm film scanner recommendations? - 06/30/08 07:45 AM

I was doing some online research on 24mm film scanners. From what I have read, it is better to have a dedicated 24mm scanner rather than a flatbed that can do 24mm scans. I'd rather go on what you folks recommend than some random thing of the internet. Any recommendations? I have an endless drawer of negatives to get to work on so I'll need a decent scanner but I'm not made of money either. <br><br>Thanks for any input!<br><br>Reukeboom<br><br>
Posted by: trey

Re: 24mm film scanner recommendations? - 07/01/08 04:57 PM

A dedicated film scanner would be the better option, but they can be expensive. I take it this is APS film you're wanting to scan? You might be able to take the cassettes to a local photo place and have the negatives scanned for relatively cheap.<br><br>
Posted by: Reukeboom

Re: 24mm film scanner recommendations? - 07/02/08 05:51 PM

I don't know what APS is... these are just photos my dad has taken throughout the years, and I just thought that it is important to get these things into my computer and organized, copied and distributed throughout the family. It is a huge project, my dad is a shutterbug so a flatbed scanner would take forever to get it all done!<br><br>