Mouse advice (again)

Posted by: MacBozo

Mouse advice (again) - 05/09/08 06:19 PM

My wife's Apple mouse (single button - wired - white) is double clicking even when she, or I, single click. I've tried changing settins/speed in Prefs to no avail. It seems to register a second click on release sometimes (more often than not). What do you think would be an economical replacement? I'd like to get her a comfortable, two-button w/scroll wheel mouse - wired. She wouldn't tolerate battery recharging/replacement.<br><br>She might like this one<br><br>
Posted by: ChrisN

Re: Mouse advice (again) - 05/09/08 08:43 PM

We have two of the predecessor to the one you linked to. (Logitech Wheelmouse, optical, wired, 2 button with scroll wheel which is also a 3rd button) They have to be at least 3 years old, or older, still work flawlessly and they feel good ergonomically too. They do everything I need them to do without installing the potentially funky Logitech software.<br><br>Chris<br><br><a href=""target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Posted by: Reboot

Re: Mouse advice (again) - 05/10/08 03:01 AM

I just got the LX7, wireless, it's the same shape/size as that one, but has two extra buttons below the scroll wheel. If it's like mine, the scroll wheel clicks down, plus left and right tilt clicks. I like the feel and sensitivity of the buttons except the wheel down click is so tough that many times I did a left or right tilt click instead, so I just don't use that one, but I still have one more than I expected when I bought it. They advertise as a 5 button but with the scroll wheel tilt clicks it's 7.<br><br>Regular click of course, one click is Command-click to open links in a new tab, one gives me Expose, one gives a Command-W, one a Control-click, one is Mute.<br><br>The Scrolling and Pointer speed have good controls.<br><br>------>#1 - JD's Trivia game<br><br>------>#2 - MM-MCF Trivia game