Bluetooth dongle probs...

Posted by: scottyb

Bluetooth dongle probs... - 04/28/08 06:30 PM

The D-Link DBT-120 dongle I bought with my G5 2.5 DP died (3+ years old), so I went ahead and bought a new one from Amazon. The new one is a "C1" revision, the old one was a "B4".<br><br>Problem is, I've now lost the ability to "Allow Bluetooth devices to wake this computer". The option (Bluetooth Preferences, Advanced) is greyed out. I'm using an Apple keyboard and Mighty Mouse, BTW.<br><br>Tried re-installing both devices, checked all Firmware and Software updates, deleted prefs, etc, etc. From reading Apple discussions, it appears that the "wake from sleep" option is *only* available if you use the -120, which I am. Any other ideas, or is this just a bum unit?<br><br>If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention...
Posted by: Reboot

Re: Bluetooth dongle probs... - 04/28/08 07:45 PM

I have the same dongle. It appears it no longer supports wake from sleep. I tried on my main 10.5.2 machine, then plugged it into a 10.4.11 machine, same thing.<br><br>This Apple article covers the wake issue but I tried the update on mine and it said it was up to date.<br><br>Do a Google search using "dbt-120 wake from sleep" no quotes, for more on it.<br><br>I would return it and try another brand if you need the wake option. I saw one at our local Micro Center Mac section, Anycom CC3023, but I don't know if wake from sleep works.<br><br>The power button should wake it BTW, there's a setting in Energy Saver.<br><br>------>#1 - JD's Trivia game<br><br>------>#2 - MM-MCF Trivia game