ADS Technologies' USB Instant DVD not for Macs

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ADS Technologies' USB Instant DVD not for Macs - 08/14/01 05:17 AM

I could not find any info about a Mac version of the USB Instant DVD on the ADS Technologies web site so I E-mailed them to ask if it was Mac compatible. This is the reply I got back... "The Instant DVD is not support under MAC. It is only for PC because Mac does not have support for mpeg2." I wish MacMinute would have done this follow up. I think Mac sites should only post information about Macs and not PCs. I find this very frustrating.<br><br>
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Re: ADS Technologies' USB Instant DVD not for Macs - 08/14/01 11:18 AM

We will get on that right away MWC. Thanks for letting us know and sorry for the confusion. We try to be very careful about such things.<br><br>Cheers,<br><br>Stan
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Re: ADS Technologies' USB Instant DVD not for Macs - 08/14/01 12:14 PM

ADS' press release yesterday included a line that read: "Platform support: Windows 98/Me/2000, Mac," which has since been removed. <br><br>While the lack of Mac software (as we noted) was curious, we generally put enough faith in a company to know about its own products, hence the lack of a follow-up. (We will update the news item, of course.)<br><br>As a side note, the line they fed you about the lack fo MPEG2 support on a Mac is totally false.<br><br>Finally, I personally would stay away from any video solution that involves USB. Due to the bandwidth limitations of the technology, both video and audio are generally sub-par. A better solution to USB Instant DVD is to purchase an analog-to-FireWire solution (PowerR, Sony, and others make them) and bring your video into your Mac that way, at a much higher quality. From there, use iMovie and iDVD to prepare the videos for DVD.<br><br>
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Re: ADS Technologies' USB Instant DVD not for Macs - 08/14/01 06:42 PM

Sorry about the attitude in my previous post. Iím a bit feed up with Mac sites who just regurgitate press releases in leu of reporting. I guess I long for the days of sites like the old MacWeek that did actual reporting. I meant nothing personal towards MacMinute. I'm fairly new to this site and I will not give up on it that easily.<br><br>As for the line ADS Technologies gave me about Macs not supporting MPEG2... Well lets just say what little hope I had for the company, quickly evaporated. I replied to their Email asking them to clarify what they meant. I explained that I have used DVD Studio Pro on my G4 as well as having watched numerous DVD titles on it. That fits my definition of support so Iím not sure what they are thinking. I have yet to get a reply from them. <br><br>While I have your attention. Does anyone have any suggestions for an affordable hardware MPEG2 encoder? I have been capturing video then using DVD Studio Pro and even iDVD for the MPEG2 encoding but I am very interested in moving to a hardware solution. Appleís purchase of Spruce Technologies makes me think they must be working on it but what is available now? I mean available for the Mac, of course.<br><br>P.S. MacMinute does get a couple points back for quickly updating their site with the information about USB Instant DVD not being Mac compatible.<br><br>