Pentium versus G4e article

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Pentium versus G4e article - 07/07/01 06:15 AM

FYI,<br><br>Ars Technica, a great techie sort of website (they had some great coverage of OS X when it first came out) has an article about the Pentium 4 versus the G4e's architecture.<br><br><br><br>in case anyone wants to learn more about these sorts of things <br><br>***<br>"Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged." --Ronald Reagan
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Re: Pentium versus G4e article - 07/07/01 06:47 AM

Great article... i love the McDonalds analogy... <br><br>Oni <br><br>We got the Death Star, We got the Death Star.