Posted by: OneTraveler

PRINTING HELP! - 03/03/05 10:45 PM

I really hate HP Laser Printers today....I have a 5000N. Of course there is the 79.ooEF printing error that can only be fixed with a firmware update (that can no longer be acquired).... I can live with that. But starting today I can print NOTHING. My printer says the job is processed but then nothing comes out. I have dumped the printer, reinstalled, even used a repair program from Version Tracker...nothing works (BTW- not for any account on the machine). I can print to a different laserjet and other students can print to the 5000N. I am stumped....please help!<br><br><br><br>
Posted by: adzoox

Re: PRINTING HELP! - 03/04/05 02:17 PM

First you should try to type the firmware you are looking for into Google - I would be AMAZED that it's not out there SOME WHERE!<br><br>If that fails, go to the Yahoo Mac Driver Forums and try to request it.<br><br>Most likely the firmware will have to applied from a PC.<br><br>Reinstall the latest update to your OS. 10.2.8 or 10.3.8 or 9.2.2<br><br>Try Gimp Print<br><br>Call HP - if they ask do have support still ... say ... you don't know, but it's just a quick question and fixing this problem hinges on whether I will ever buy HP again ;-)<br><br><br>WWW.ADZOOX.COM & www.JACKWHISPERS.COM