epson RX 500

Posted by: allynwood

epson RX 500 - 12/03/04 12:28 PM

Considering purchasing this printer, any comments from anybody with one on how well it works with OS X <br><br>
Posted by: Bryan

Re: epson RX 500 - 12/03/04 12:48 PM

Epson printers work very well with OS X and have excellent color output. As long as you don't mind mortgaging your house to pay for the inkjet cartridges!<br><br>
Posted by: Pete

Re: epson RX 500 - 12/03/04 03:09 PM

I have the RX600, which is basically the RX500 with an LCD screen in front, and I can attest that it works beautifully with OSX- download the latest print and TWAIN drivers right from the site, and everything fires right up...<br><br>I'm pretty happy with the quality, as well as the ease of use...<br><br><br>[color:red]C' know me.</font color=red>