Burning question?

Posted by: drjohn

Burning question? - 08/17/04 09:22 PM

This was an email from my MUG. The person asking the question is the publications manager for our college's public affairs office.<br><br>"We had a professional photographer shoot an event here and he gave us all the images on a CD, as many of our photographers are doing now. My G5 doesn't see it, nor does an Emac with Panther or an older G4 using OS 9.2. The cd is a gold IBM CD-R 80 minute-700mb. It appears that PC people have no trouble at all. Any ideas on why this is happening? We want to avoid this in the future."<br><br>I just spoke with this person and she says she hears the CD spin up but that's all that happens. It won't mount on a Mac. The same CD will mount on a windows machine. This is the first time that she has had this kind of trouble and I suggested she talk to the photographer. <br><br>I'm curious if anyone else has had this problem because I thought that a Mac could mount a CD regardless of how it was burned.<br><br><br>
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Re: Burning question? - 08/17/04 10:36 PM

I think there is a particular version of Nero (windows burning app) that burns non-standard CDs but seem to work ok on PCs.<br><br>Have you tried holding cmd-I while inserting the CD?<br><br><br>
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Re: Burning question? - 08/17/04 10:40 PM

We have a farm store I do inserts for and their CDs never work either. We hardly have any PCs so it is annoying. The network admin actually went there and showed the guy how to burn them to work, but he has had heart surgery since and has forgotten anything that worked before.<br><br>
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Re: Burning question? - 08/17/04 11:24 PM

One of our members, who works with both platforms, came up with this:<br><br>"The CD is in an older PC format (the designation of which I can't remember), not the current ISO 9660. Macs can't see such discs. The only solution is to have someone copy the data on a PC and burn it to another disc in ISO 9660 format."<br><br>I already suggested that this is what she should do but, if that's the case, that "professional" photographer needs to get his act together.<br><br>
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Re: Burning question? - 08/18/04 12:29 AM

My first question would have been pertaining to the program that did the burning. <br><br>[color:white]God speed, mikeb. Go drive your Boxster in the big Autobahn in the sky...</font color=white>