Posted by: srumrill

iSight - 04/11/04 06:35 PM

For those of you who have one, what do you use it for?<br><br>I want one badly (because it's so damn cool), but I don't know anybody else who has one that I would chat with.<br><br>I probably wouldn't use it with the new iMovie integration either, as I have a digital camera that I use in those situations.<br><br>I just need a good reason to justify a purchase, and I'll buy one tomorrow<br><br>
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: iSight - 04/11/04 08:47 PM

I agree that it is one cool Apple toy! But I'm in the same boat as you. When they were first released, I ran down to the Apple store and checked it out - and decided that I had to get one. But after a few days I came to the conclusion that everyone that I want to "see" on a regular basis is either right here in town, doesn't own a Mac or have a web-cam, or I would just assume call them on the phone. And like you, I have a video camera already for use in making movies with iMovie. So I decided that while I think they're cool, there's just no valid reason to spend the $150.<br><br>I'll put the $150 toward the next revision of the G5 I plan on getting later this summer instead! <br><br>
Posted by: JohnR

Re: iSight - 04/11/04 09:02 PM

I have one and love it. It works great. I use mine to talk to my brothers (all of them have Macs) and sometimes I'll use it to talk to my friend on Yahoo Messenger.<br><br>And on the rare occasion, I'll talk to someone from here on it. Plus, you can talk during UT2004 from what I understand! <br><br>
Posted by: srumrill

Re: iSight - 04/11/04 09:09 PM

You need the iSight to voice chat on UT? or are you referring to video chat?<br><br>
Posted by: JohnR

Re: iSight - 04/11/04 09:12 PM

I haven't done it yet, but from what I understand you can voice chat on UT2004 using the iSight.<br><br>
Posted by: greenme1

Re: iSight - 04/11/04 11:20 PM

It should work with any audio input. At some point in time I'll have to try it with my iMic. <br><br>
Posted by: DaddyMac

Re: iSight - 04/12/04 03:33 PM

Would be neat if you could hit a button in UT2004 for 'video chat', and instead of the little avatar coming up with your message, a little box came up with live video of you talking!<br><br>[color:red]You slap my back, I'll slap yours!</font color=red>