Firwire on G4

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Firwire on G4 - 06/01/01 08:22 PM

At first iMovie 2 seemed to be fine on my G4 but then for no apparent reason would not import DV. I can control the DV cam in every other respect. But if I hit import while playing DV footage, nothing happens. I downloaded a firmware upgrade from the Apple site which temporarily resolved the problem. I was doing some importing of DV. I took a break and when I returned the problem had reoccured<br><br>
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Re: Firwire on G4 - 06/02/01 09:50 AM

Can you post your system specs (which G4 is it), and what kind of camera, your system version, and so forth.<br><br>Did you do anything before this happened? Like, reset prefs?<br><br>Make sure you're using Apple FireWire NTSC or PAL (whichever is correct for your area - USA = NTSC, Europe = PAL) and give it a try then.<br><br>Post back with more info...<br><br>Cipher13<br><br>