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.txt file - 11/02/03 03:04 AM

I wanted to create a .txt file that is attached to <br>pdf book that someone purchases; it would require<br>the person to put a username and password in<br>so that they can view a video. What are the basic<br>steps?<br><br>Martin<br><br>Aaron Martini Magic Productions<br><br>www.aaronmartini.com
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Re: .txt file - 11/02/03 03:12 AM

Can you be more clear? Are you trying to password protect a video file, a PDF file or the text file?<br><br>A PDF file can be password protected quite easily, however if you're trying to use that as a method of preventing the file from being shared, don't bother because it's very easy to break the protection scheme, and all anyone has to do is share the password with others anyway.<br><br><br>Visit Me!
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Re: .txt file - 11/03/03 03:29 AM

It would protect a video file; less people will view the video and although this isn't perfect, it's better than ...<br><br>I was told that I just had to attach a .txt file to a zip that is sent to the client. How do I attach a .txt file to a zip - the .txt file would contain the username and password.<br><br>Thanks,<br><br>Aaron<br><br>Aaron Martini Magic Productions<br><br>www.aaronmartini.com
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Re: .txt file - 11/03/03 09:01 AM

select both files and drop both files at the same time into the app called dropzip and it will make one compressed file. when your client opens the compressed file, he'll have both files: a video which is password protected and a .txt file with the password to open the video.<br><br>[color:blue]Your unsolicited Apple authority</font color=blue>
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Re: .txt file - 11/03/03 07:13 PM

Thanks,<br><br>I'll try that.<br><br>Martini<br><br>Aaron Martini Magic Productions<br><br>www.aaronmartini.com