Mozillla: FireFox add-ons

Posted By: Celandine

Mozillla: FireFox add-ons - 05/07/19 01:49 AM

Mozilla issues fix
after it lets cert expire & Firefox add-ons go belly-up

A Sunday afternoon browser update fixed the lapsed certificate,
which Mozilla had used to digitally sign Firefox extensions.
After the certificate expired, the browser add-ons stopped working.
Posted By: Celandine

Re: Mozillla: FireFox add-ons - 05/11/19 05:27 AM

Things seem back to normal now.
It was most annoying to experience
the secession of all our AD Blockers. tongue

GAAAAH! Up until now
I'd been blissfully unaware
that there even were Adverts in YouTUBE!
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