Security For Bleeding Hearts.

Posted by: steveg

Security For Bleeding Hearts. - 04/12/14 11:27 AM

Or Heart Bleed, that is…

My bank is offering this in response to this new security issue. Pretty easy to use, works in the background.

*disclaimer* I don't know if this is freeware outside of any partnership referrals.
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: Security For Bleeding Hearts. - 04/12/14 02:44 PM

No banks (read: no nationwide commercial banks) were affected by the bug, so I wouldn't bother with it if that's the only reason you're considering it.
Posted by: steveg

Re: Security For Bleeding Hearts. - 04/12/14 03:09 PM

I'm with a regional bank, and this was posted on their website. And they don't say if they've done the patch yet. I've changed a bunch of passwords and I'm using this thing prophylactically on a handful of sites. It has no effect on browser performance and I figure a little extra security can't help.

BTW, C-Net has a list of the 100 top sites that tells you who's not vulnerable, who's patched, and who has not posted a status.