Safari 6.1.3 a little erratic.

Posted by: steveg

Safari 6.1.3 a little erratic. - 04/05/14 02:01 PM

I updated Safari a few days ago via SU and have had several instances where a link or bookmark loads the You are not connected to the internet error page on click, then the Safari can't find the server page on the next attempt. Or a page loads with unformatted html text and no graphics on another click. Then, the page will load fine on yet another click. It's totally random — rarely the same pages, and not always the same errors in the same sequence.

I don't see this with Firefox, so it doesn't appear to be a connection problem. Anyone else having similar issues?
Posted by: steveg

Re: Safari 6.1.3 a little erratic. - 04/07/14 02:16 PM

Demons! eek

Firefox began to exhibit the same behavior. So after trying all the standard home remedies — like disabling all extension and plugins, deleting cookies, clearing caches, etc. — with no success, I called Time Warner. They discovered that my signal was too strong. And that pissed me off because it's been an ongoing problem from the very beginning, and they've come out to adjust the signal at least a half dozen times. So I told them to send an exorcist instead of a tech this time. mad

In the meantime, I put a suppressor (left over from a previous visit) on the modem and that will hold off Beelzebub for the time being. Yeesh!
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Re: Safari 6.1.3 a little erratic. - 04/07/14 06:03 PM

Signal too strong for your browser? That sounds like bs to me? Never heard of such a thing.
So if you have a strong signal you need a better/different browser?
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Re: Safari 6.1.3 a little erratic. - 04/07/14 06:23 PM

Not BS at all and has nothing to do with the browser. The cable company can adjust how strong the signal is at your tap. This includes TV and digital phone, too. When the strength is set too high, it can interrupt the TV signal with sporadic pixelation and stuttering, and it can mess with internet performance. It can even gradually fry a modem or STB in some cases. Wide outside temp variations can cause some attenuation in the wires, which in turn causes signal strength to rise in response.

That's why putting the signal suppressor btwn my modem and the coax has cured the problem for now. But the signal itself still has to be reset.

This happens to me at least twice a year. They send out a tech, he replaces a few wires and filters, wiggles his nose, and disappears in a colorful burst of confetti.
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Re: Safari 6.1.3 a little erratic. - 04/07/14 07:11 PM

Ahh... I get it now. Not bandwidth.
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Re: Safari 6.1.3 a little erratic. - 04/07/14 09:52 PM

I had a similar problem once with Brighthouse. My internet speed dropped to less than 3mbps on a 10mbps account. Technician came out and said my signal was running "hot." He adjusted it at the interface box and all has been well since.
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Re: Safari 6.1.3 a little erratic. - 04/07/14 10:24 PM

My speed never dropped. Always at 55 down and 5.5 up. But a lot of erratic behavior with both browsers (including iPhone Safari). And I've been getting the sporadic pixellation on the TV. So the dial-back will fix it — 'til the signal boosts itself again. Like I said: Demons! shocked
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Re: Safari 6.1.3 a little erratic. - 04/17/14 10:03 PM

I guess it takes a supervisor.

Because of the sharp temp drop the other day, more attenuation resulting in too much signal again. So… I call Time Warner and this time they send out a senior tech. He brings an all-in-one modem that handles the phone and the 50mb internet connection, which eliminates the splitter that the last guy put in — one problem gone. He then coils up 130 feet of the feed cable and stuffs it into the box outside my window. Why? He tells me that most installations have a "drop" which is the line coming in from a pole or junction box at some distance from your building, and the longer the drop, the more stable the signal. My box is literally under one of my living room windows, so short cable, very little stability. So now I only have one modem and — hopefully — a stable signal. Second problem solved. And best of all, for the hassle, they gave me a 50% credit on my next bill! crazy