The joy of modern apps

Posted by: padmavyuha

The joy of modern apps - 01/09/14 01:03 AM

After using an old, flash-based (would you believe it) OSX version of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (SOED) for the last six years, I've just splashed out on the new, properly cocoa-friendly version of the app.

The one thing that the old app had over the new one was the ability to choose different "themes" for the colour scheme. This new app has a glaring white background, and it was driving me nuts. So I dug into the package contents for the app, and lo and behold, the main definitions pane (at least) has its own CSS file!

This kind of thing is such a step forward - it means the user (if they have a little savvy) can customise the look of the app to make it more usable. For me, for example, my brain is way happier with dark text on a pale green bg than on a white bg (brains process colours differently from b&w). At some point, I'll rejig the CSS so I have light text on a dark bg, but this will do for now. It's a shame it only applies to the right-hand pane.

I've written to the devs to give them feedback, because this app, wonderful though it is for word lookup and suchlike, (a) doesn't remember the position of the pane divider between launches, and (b) doesn't even have a "Hide app" command written into it (you have to either click on the Minimise button, feh, or add a Hide command using cmd-H as I did, using iKey). Dearie me...