Local sync for Notes

Posted by: Xian

Local sync for Notes - 01/06/14 06:06 PM

Only about 35% of the global population have broadband connectivity and even those who have it, may have to pay horrific bills for data usage. iTunes works just fine between my iOS7 on iPhone 5 and ML latest updates. It is when I need to sync my NOTES that I am forced through the cloud and that irks me. Internet World Stats

A Mac user from USA said he/she could not understand this predicament and I ended up saying "there is a whole world outside the US, a life beyond New York." Systems developers seem to believe that just about everybody have broadband. That is a very wrong perception as the actual figure is well below 35%.

Is there a workaround or an app that does NOTES via wireless direct or USB?

My Macbook Pro tells me that, as far as Bluetooth is concerned, my iPhone 5 is an "unsupported device."

This new and unexpected frustration with Apple is something that irks others, not just me.

Is there a cure for this?
Posted by: Reboot

Re: Local sync for Notes - 01/06/14 06:10 PM

You can use iTunes to sync via USB. Connect the phone to your Mac with the cable.
Posted by: Xian

Re: Local sync for Notes - 01/06/14 06:37 PM

It does not work that way any longer……iTunes will sync everything except Notes now. iTunes does not sync notes as Notes seemingly only can do this via iCloud.

It has worked via USB quite well until fairly recently, a new problem that came with iOS7 and it is predicted to worsen with Mavericks. Luckily, my MBP runs ML for now.
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Re: Local sync for Notes - 01/06/14 06:56 PM

I guess one thing I don't really understand is that the amount of data used to sync notes is a drop in the bucket, I don't really see it being a problem.
Posted by: Xian

Re: Local sync for Notes - 01/07/14 09:48 AM

Not even a small amount of data can be sync'ed wen the signal is random. What is so hard to understand about this or is this rocket science? No data carrier = no data carried??

My word, a cheap Nokia and a cheap Windows laptop does thus automatically when paired via Bluetooth, but big old Apple is going astray through a nonexistent cloud that its own loyal followers find to difficult to comprehend?

Even down in New Zealand, an IT professional complains about this. Apple needs to WAKE UP!!