Mavericks continues to disappoint.

Posted by: steveg

Mavericks continues to disappoint. - 11/29/13 11:48 AM

So after much difficulty and interruption of productivity, I restored my Mini to Mt. Lion a week or so ago, but decided to leave Mavericks on my MBP to track updates and performance improvements.

A few times since then, starting up the MBP to copy over a few files via Air Drop or File Sharing has resulted in a network interruption. I've had to power-cycle the modem and router because no amount of fiddling with network settings restarts the connection. So I did the Google, and lo and behold, the Apple Support Forums are rife with similar posts. Mavericks messes especially with dual band routers (unless, of course, it's an AP Extreme).

So in addition to the Sys Prefs freezes, logout/shutdown problems, Mail issues, empty finder windows, etc., now add Networkus Interruptus. mad

I've had it up to my gills with this release. I'm restoring 10.8.5 on the MBP, too.
Posted by: Acumowchek

Re: Mavericks continues to disappoint. - 11/29/13 04:23 PM

I've upgraded a 2007(work) and 2011(home) iMac, and have had little or no problems, only annoyances. Mostly with the Finder (Not remembering default layouts, not saving to last folder used, etc.), but none of them are show stoppers.

If you all are having these issues, it must be true. I trust your opinions above everybody else.

Sorry, Dude.
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Mavericks continues to disappoint. - 11/29/13 04:59 PM

I think the serious problem is the name of the OS. It invites trouble. First of all, what's a maverick? The OS dictionary tells me that it means "an unorthodox or independent minded person." That might be great for a person (although give the history of some of our political "mavericks," I'm not too sure), but it's hellish for an OS. Do you really want a system that gives you a blank screen when you want your desktop to show up? Well, that blank screen is pretty unorthodox! And if you expect the OS to remember your default layout, then by gum, you'd better hope it's not independent minded!

And to make it plural, Mavericks, multiplies the problem!

I vote to bring back the cat names. Next system? Sea Lion!
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Re: Mavericks continues to disappoint. - 11/29/13 05:06 PM

Duuuuuude. Mavericks is a big time surfing spot in SoCal. And Like I said before, you name something after a beach and you're probably gonna find sand in the gears. Gnarley, Duuuuude. whistle
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Re: Mavericks continues to disappoint. - 11/29/13 05:16 PM

There was a rather condescending smartass on one of the Apple support forums who lectured me in his most self-appreciative way about my probably not understanding what's on my machine and having too much "junk" software installed. smirk

So I replied: "I think you're right. Too much junk and it's called Mavericks." laugh

What's really funny is that there were several dozen posts in that one thread referring to the same problems I had written about and many more threads dedicated to similar and more Mavericks issues, but this tool was acting like Apple can do NO wrong. crazy Intervention time! grin
Posted by: Acumowchek

Re: Mavericks continues to disappoint. - 11/29/13 05:31 PM

Intervention time!

I dislike Apple fanboys as much as Windows or Android fanboys.
Use what you want, and like it. You are not superior.

I've never used Android, but I have to give props to Windows 7. Sooo much better than XP.
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Re: Mavericks continues to disappoint. - 11/29/13 05:39 PM

Daughter #2 uses Windows. Last year Chanuclause upgraded her old 15" HP to a 17" Pavilion, and she's happy as a clam with Windows 8. In fact she didn't see any big deal with the switch from 7. The only problem is my PC illiteracy. When she encounters the occasional problem, I really can't help her. But she usually figures it out on her own anywho.
Posted by: Acumowchek

Re: Mavericks continues to disappoint. - 11/29/13 05:57 PM

I'll use it, but I won't troubleshoot it!
When the peeps at my work screw things up after 20 years of using Windows, then ask me to fix it? crazy

I'm out!