Mavericks and new iWork

Posted by: KateSorensen

Mavericks and new iWork - 11/06/13 08:01 PM


I just noticed the new iWork applications are not in one folder in my finder. Also, the older iWork apps are still on my iMac in a folder.

Is it okay now to delete the older versions? I have opened each of the new ones and it converted my Pages documents to the newer version. I never used the other two.


Posted by: Acumowchek

Re: Mavericks and new iWork - 11/06/13 08:09 PM

I'd keep them for a while if I were you!
Posted by: KateSorensen

Re: Mavericks and new iWork - 11/06/13 08:11 PM


Roger, dodger, you old codger,
Over, under and out!

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Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Mavericks and new iWork - 11/06/13 09:51 PM

I kept the older version. The new version makes files that aren't readable by the older version, but you can export the new files into the old format and use the previous version. I'm contemplating doing that with the stuff I've written since the new version came out, and going back to the old version full time.