Mavericks and Creative Cloud

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Mavericks and Creative Cloud - 10/22/13 09:14 PM

If you are using Adobe's CC you might want to hold off on Mavericks. There were some issues earlier this month with the GM version. Whether Adobe has fixed them or not I don't know. It seems there were sync issues, if you use that function it may be worth a look.


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Re: Mavericks and Creative Cloud - 10/23/13 11:05 AM

All CC apps are working — except file and font sync. Files and fonts previously synced are available, but no new data can be added. I've gotta say — again — how sh¡tty Adobe support has become. Since Oct. 7, not word one about the sync issue anywhere on the Adobe site or forums. In fact, Adobe doesn't even appear to acknowledge the issue.

In contrast, Epson has announced on their site that a Mavericks-compatible scanner driver is coming. Same with Extensis regarding Suitcase Fusion 5.
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Re: Mavericks and Creative Cloud - 10/23/13 03:53 PM

I decided to submit to the torture of calling Adobe support to ask if they are in fact working on a fix for the sync issue. It took nearly a half hour to get an answer. Yes, they are working on a fix, but it will probably take up to a month! So — and this really surprised me — they will not charge me for November! That's totally fair, but I never raised the issue because I didn't think that call would be in tech support's court.

I'm farklemft. I need a moment. Adobe did a good thing — proactively! OMFG! shocked grin
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Re: Mavericks and Creative Cloud - 10/23/13 07:10 PM

Oh my... today everything went south on me. cry Suitcase won't launch, let alone activate fonts, and as such won't let ID open because of the auto font activation feature (which was ok yesterday). So, I'm working on the MBP and I'm gonna restore the Mini to 10.8.5 for the time being. When the Extensis and Adobe and Epson updates are available (and when my backorder is less urgent), I'll try the Mavericks upgrade again.

Dang! I should've waited in the first place. Jim's going to be in my 'hood this afternoon, so he may swing by for some pizza and suicide prevention. eek
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Re: Mavericks and Creative Cloud - 10/23/13 07:18 PM

Jim lives near Dayton?
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Re: Mavericks and Creative Cloud - 10/23/13 08:55 PM

Columbus. But he had appointments in my area today, so he's gonna drop over.
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Re: Mavericks and Creative Cloud - 11/05/13 12:43 PM

Sorry to hear of all those problems, Steve-O.

My experience thus far with Mavericks has been fairly good. No problems at all with Adobe apps, or Extensis Suitcase Fusion (latest versions of all). This is not uncommon though. Who knows what you have installed on your Mac vs. what I have installed. It could be something as simple as a mouse driver, etc. that is causing you problems.

No problems syncing files and fonts, either. That part is kind of odd, considering that is a server-side problem and if it occurs for you, it should occur for me. I only have two fonts being synced though, and only one file. Or, maybe they're really not working too well and I'm just not noticing it.

I will say that my initial impression of Mavericks was that I wasn't happy with it. Lots of issues. But after I uninstalled a few things and cleaned things up a bit, it's running perfectly and I've been quite happy.
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Re: Mavericks and Creative Cloud - 11/05/13 03:21 PM

The Suitcase activation and the Adobe sync issues, separately, are both acknowledged by the respective developers, and compatibility updates are due from both in several weeks. But yeah, the glitches will manifest themselves in different ways on different systems depending upon configs.

I've synced fewer than a dozen fonts for the time being, and I did notice, while in Mavericks, that I was still able to use some of those fonts because they had probably been cached, but trying to sync new fonts or files was a no-go.

At this point, I'm happy to sit back in 10.8.5 and wait for these compatibility issues to be resolved (and probably a Mavericks update or two). At least for my desktop. Since I don't work on it that often, I may update my MBP in a week or so, just to futz around with the OS, and have little advance familiarity for when I update the Mini.
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Re: Mavericks and Creative Cloud - 11/07/13 04:24 PM

I should revise my earlier post. I am having one problem with Mavericks and InDesign. InDesign runs like crud – slow & clunky. I have not uninstalled Suitcase Fusion to see if that's the problem though.
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Re: Mavericks and Creative Cloud - 11/07/13 05:43 PM

I had no speed problems with AI, ID or PS under 10.9. Only the disabled Suitcase font activation and the no-sync thing with CC. Dif'rent strokes, eh?